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July 20, 2013

Hospital Guidance System on display at Tokyo Hospital Show

International Modern Hospital Show (IMHS) 2013, was held in Tokyo from 17th to 19th July.

The theme covered a wide range like Hospital environment/equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, medical information system, home healthcare & rehabilitation equipment, preventive & healthcare administration equipment, among others. This year 373 companies from around the world participated in the show, and the number of visitors crossed 80,000.

The Interactive Hospital Guidance System was displayed in that show and attracted interest from end users (hospitals) as well as potential distributors.

The system offers a touch sensitive display based interactive way to inquire the location of any specific facility, doctors room, clinical test centers, etc. which graphically shows the way on the facility area map.

The system also display on request, the waiting queue numbers for the payment counter and the time of wait of the immediate few numbers to be called next.

The system is flexible and customizable for other similar facilities with complex layout which require visitor care and in-facility guidance.

May 15, 2014

Partnership with Thin Client System provider A2Zapps

The way we perceive our office environments and computational and automation infrastructures evolved beyond recognition in the past few decades. And the evolution continues.

The latest trend regarding the future of computation and office infrastructures is Thin Client. The trend and the recent developments clearly points to the scenario that in less than 5 years most of large corporate and a majority of small and medium scale industries - world wide - will be moving away from the current paradigm of purchasing and maintaining high end hardware and software in-house and move on to cloud based Thin Client paradigm. The Thin Client require that the users only need to have access to at least an internet connection, an appropriate display and a computer system with only a rudimentary computational power. Most - if not all - of the software and systems will be installed and run from a common cloud based platform with integrated database and other resources. This will not only allows the companies and individuals to save on hardware and software, this will also remove the hassle of installing systems on each machines, upgrading the systems frequently, and porting the databases to mach a new system every time a system from a new vendor is adapted.

Another major convenience of Thin Client systems is - the desktop being on the cloud, the user may log in from any machine, be it, Windows PC, a MAC laptop, an android device or a iPhone, the user sees the same environments and same computational features irrespective of the OS or the computational capability of the device in use.

We are already welcoming inquiries regarding A2ZApps Thin Client Systems. And we will be announcing soon about public events and workshop for promoting the understanding regarding Thin Clients and offer our potential clients some hands-on experience.


Robot Workshop for Kids

Kriyetic Japan is planning a two days Robot making workshop in August, 2016 for the age group of 8 years to 10 years. This is the first such initiative by Kriyetic Japan and we intent to expand such activities for higher age groups and general adult population as well in the coming months.

Technical education of a society need not be restricted by any lower age limit. The earlier the exposer a society can provide to its future Human Resources - the better are the chances of creative and innovative outcome from that society. Japan is exemplary in this context where different games and contests are designed from the primary school level and onwards, to impart exposure and skills in the basics of technical understandings from a very early age.

The area of Robot making covers a wide range of possibilities to develop technical skills and understandings. And the complexity of the activities can be easily adjusted to fit the target age group and the cognitive levels of the participants. In India such workshops or contests are not main stream yet. The availability of appropriate tools and components are also not very convenient for general households.

Kriyetic Japan intends to catalyze the conducive scenario for India where organizing such events as well as availability of appropriate kits and tools will be more and more convenient. The purpose of this initiatives also includes increasing awareness among the teachers and parents about the benefits of such early age technical education through entertainments, So that such efforts get in the main stream education system sooner.

Dates, Venue and Reservation details will be announced soon.